What Are the Benefits of Volunteering?

Benefits of volunteeringMany people with a heart for service look for ways to give of the time and skills in a way that can benefit others. Often that search leads them to the Peace Corps, an agency that grew out of the challenge issued by President John F. Kennedy to students at the University of Michigan to help serve the United States by living and working in developing countries.

The Peace Corps and other volunteer organizations can bring numerous benefits to the individuals who step forward to donate their time and knowledge in the support of others. Some amazing things can be learned and achieved by becoming a volunteer. If you are considering becoming a volunteer, take a look at some of the benefits you might reap.

Career Advancement

Your skills as a worker improve immeasurably when you volunteer. With agencies like the Peace Corps, you spend 27 months in a foreign country where you will learn the language and the culture as well as technical skills. The experiences you have as a volunteer supplement your own skills and education, boosting your marketability in the workplace.

Meet New People

You will be exposed to a wide range of people through your volunteering efforts. Those you help as well as your fellow volunteers may come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This helps you expand your own interpersonal skills. There is no telling who you might meet or what you might learn from these chance meetings.

Peace workersEngage with the Community

No matter where you volunteer, at home or abroad, you become a valued part of a community. When you volunteer with neighborhood organizations, social services, historic groups or art organizations, you fill a need and make connections with others of a like mind. The camaraderie that comes from these connections is an amazing feeling.

Personal Satisfaction

There is no joy like the personal satisfaction realized when you see how your efforts have made a difference, changed someone’s life or touched someone’s spirit. When you donate your time and energy to a project, you have given of yourself. Your enthusiasm for helping others comes from a sense of achievement and can be motivating to those around you.

Volunteering may be something you do as a break from your everyday routine or a way to connect with interests you have but are otherwise unable to be involved with. What you take away from the experience of being a volunteer is a revitalizing renewal of mind, body and spirit. For most, there is no greater reason to volunteer than this.

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